Appointment Setting

We setup the homerun you close the deal. That simple. We provide recordings of all acceptance of appointment and can specify your desired quality control settings on demand.

Live Transfer

Want to tailor your experience to the client as soon as possible? Have enough staff to handle a gargantuan amount of qualified leads? This is the option for you. Change your business and your lead generation for life.


Do you have specific services for specific business types? We have the data sets to guarantee you only get the cleanest conversion. No hassle and prepared to you demand list.


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Upon request DOB and Names will be provided. This comes with all of our Appointment setting plans. We get what you need, that’s all. You just simply need to specified your desired outcome and we will work to achieve it. If it is not achievable an account specialist will help guide you to something that is. 

Between appointment setting and live transfers we can tractate down the exact experience you or your office are able to reasonable support. No one wants leads the are used up or to old. 

We run fastidious quality control on all of our leads. The reality is we make a business serving you leads for a life time. If you can’t convert we wont be able to keep doing that. Yes! Our leads are really qualified. 

We can furnish call recordings of the industry type possibly. It all depends on you. Please reach out to us for clarification.